Sheenam has been lucky enough to have travelled to over 15 destinations worldwide.

Here are some of the places visited by Sheenam.

Places Visited

I have been very lucky in the fact that I have visited many countries and interesting places.  I have been to India 8 times and visited the amazing Golden Temple and the Taj Mahal. I have worked in Michigan, for a year and also travelled to New York, California, Miami and Disney World in Orlando, Florida. During my travels I have also visited Germany, Spain, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Malta, Greece, Venice, Canada and the Dominican Republic… I truly have had some wonderful experiences.

  • North America - Michigan,
    New York, Miami and Orland
  • Canada - Niagra Falls
  • India - Delhi, Panjab
  • Dubai and Singapore
  • Australia - Great Barrier Reef

Sheenams Awesome Travels

Having visited so many different destinations it is nice to see where she has gone.

So below are some images of a few places visited.

Sheenam with the air hostess on Emirates Airways on the way to Dubai, Singapore and Australia.

Sheenam with her younger brother Aman, and her Dad's Brother at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

Sheenam with her best friend Serina at the airport before travelling to Greece.