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S - splendid H- happy E - exciting E - excellent N - noble A - ambitious M - motivated. " – rICKY

"Sheenam is like the sister I never had. Even with everything she has been through she's been a trooper. She is bubbly, outgoing and someone I really admire xx" – Kuldip and Raj

"Sheenam is a lovely young lady who is an inspiration to all who meet her she lights up a room with her lovely smile i am so pleased to have her as a friend x" – Sylvia

"Sheenam is a fun loving, caring, daring, courageous little sister. Never has Sheenam said why me, she carry's on with life to the max. Love you always, Big sis" –Navneet

"Sheenam is a beautiful young lady full of inspiration and courage" – susie masi (aunty)

"Sheenams attitude and outlook to life is one that we can all aspire to" – INDY - Brother in law

"Sheenam is very loving, strong spirited and fun loving! Her positive attitude and outlook on life is inspirational to everyone"!! :) – Harkrishan

"Sheenam is our loving little sister. She is an inspiration to us all, as she faces every challenge that life throws at her with her SMILE! It is because of this positive approach that Sheenam hasn't given up on life...and more importantly Life hasn't given up on Sheenam. May God Almighty continue to Bless her with such strength and positivity to face all of life's challenges, whether big or small, with her wonderful smile...and to keep inspiring us all too.  We are truly grateful to have you as our sister" – Ravi & Sonia

"Sheenam Didi inspires me as she takes everything in life with a smile on her face, and she loves to live life to the full!" – Kabir

"Sheenam is the true definition of the word inspiration. I feel truly honoured to be a part of Sheenam's world! I met her about a year ago and have spent a lot of time with her.. I have never heard her utter the words "why me?" or "I can't"! She is truly amazing! " X– ila

"SHEENAM IS: strong willed, loving and caring and really funny" X x –rainu Sidhu

"Sheenam is the sweetest girl you could meet. She is an inspiration to us all and we are very lucky to have her in our family". Sheenams sister's, sister inlaw! Xx– Sonia and ravinder   

"Sheenam is a very loving, affectionate, special niece. We love her for her courage and acceptance. May almighty Nirankar be with you all the time"

‎​Zindagi mein mushkilein tamaam hain, phir bhi in labon pe muskaan hai, kyun ki jeena jab har haal mein hai, toh phir muskuraa kar jeene mein kya nuksaan hai"–bhupinder mama ji (uncle) & family

"Sheenam is a very lovely girl who appreciates Gods will. She reminds me that life is just one of those things that you take it as it comes. Sheenam makes me realise that life is not an iPod to listen to your favourite songs. It’s a radio, adjust yourself to enjoy whatever comes in it." – narinder mami ji (aunty)

"Sheenam is an inspirational lady with a beautiful soul" – debs

"Sheenam is a very courageous & brave girl. She is a good inspiration to others. Despite all the struggles she has faced during her lifetime she still has a very welcoming & gleaming smile.
The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion, style, compassion, generosity, humor & finally with kindness. We are all very proud that Sheenam has all these qualities" –tony mama ji (uncle) & family

"Sheenam is very brave and has a big heart, she strikes a chord that we people need to appreciate the things that we have and stop complaining about the things we do not have. In life some people trip and some fall but some take that trip and make a beautiful dance out of it and Sheenam is one out of them" – ankit

"Sheenam is my Masi (auntie) and i love playing my frog game with her, I also like it when she reads to me. I love staying at masi's flat because i can play with her fridge magnets"!– Steven (nephew)

"Sheenam is always smiling when i see her. She a sweet intelligent girl and always cracks jokes" – simran

"Sheenam is a loving, caring and kind person who inspires me a lot. Those days when we used to sit in the corner at sangat whispering and gossiping still make me laugh. Your a great sister with an amazing heart. Love..– Navita and Abhay

"Sheenam is, inspiring, strong, dedicated and full of joy. She is a true role model to look up to" – sahiba

"Sheenam is an extremely positive + courageous young lady..beautiful both inside + out...she is such an inspiration... I am honoured to have such a wonderful person in my life x" – June Masi (aunty)

"Sheenam is a courageous and intelligent young woman"– joan

"Sheenam is my treasured playmate, friend, and shared daughter. She is a wonderful, thoughtful and caring hostess. She is adventurous, determined, loving, and spirited. She has the most amazing commitment to helping others...and I adore her"!– polly

"Sheenam is an inspiration to everybody who meets her. Her constant beaming smile, sense of humour, and love for all are just some of the qualities which make her such a special sister! :-) " – navtesh

"Sheenam is such a lovely, warm kind hearted beautiful person, always smiling & stays positive, its very hard to see her with this illness, she is strong & is a fighter, we pray for her everyday, we luv & care for her" – surj and bally

"To us sheenam is the wonderful daughter we aways use to long for, since we have known her she has has brought us laughter her wicked sense of humour always makes us giggle, she is kind, caring and considerate of others and we love her very much". – ranjit & gurchain mal (uncle & aunty ji)

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